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Border Collie (Pentir Bob) working Hebridean sheep

Primarily, we farm rare and traditional breeds of sheep in the stunning Clwydian Hills AONB in North East Wales. To do this we believe it is essential to have well bred, socialised, and well trained sheepdogs. 

There is something magical about working sheep with a dog.... that moment in training when you realise that the dog is working 'WITH' you (not just for you) is amazing! (and the dogs make life so much easier too!) 

We aim to train quality dogs to a high standard for our own use or the use of others. We want to be in control of the characteristics our dogs have and so we also breed a limited number of  litters from fully health tested, well bred Border Collie parents primarily with the aim of having suitable successors for our current working Border Collies.


Why 'SEREN' Border Collies?

Seren Border Collie Puppy

The Border Collie is accused of being hyperactive, of chasing, nipping and being destructive. The Border Collie as a breed is not guilty of any of these ‘sins’, but incorrect diet, management and communication are, they can cause a collie to act in these ways.

The collie we all know and love is a sheepdog, this is what it was bred to do. Years of developing that wonderful brain, enabling these dogs to work on their own initiative, to solve problems and to give their all for man can be destroyed by careless ownership.  

Our ISDS (International Sheepdog Society) prefix is given to Border Collie puppies bred from dogs that meet our desired requirements: Instinct, Brains, Power, Special Character and Focus.

SEREN means 'Star' in Welsh and thats what we are trying to create - Stars of the future; whether it be working sheep on the farm or at sheepdog trials, perhaps agility or some other stimulating endeavour, even as a superstar family companion!

Our Beliefs and Guarantee


Every dog is different and so training has to be tailored to each dog. Some dogs take longer than others to bring out their natural ability and feel for sheep. Some dogs may never 'switch on' to sheep! We believe in giving the dog time to develop and reach its potential in a considerate and supportive environment. We are aware that this is not always offered to dogs in other settings. Sometimes this leads to the dog not being able to properly function or meet the needs of its owner.  Border Collies are very intelligent and sensitive!  They require regular mental stimulation and challenge! They thrive when made an integral part of your life. They need a leader who is strong, quiet, gentle and understanding. The dogs know what they need the rest is up to us! 

To that end we guarantee support for all owners of dogs trained by or bred by Seren Sheepdogs. The support offered to be whatever we believe is in the best interest of the dog. This could be training support, handler support, temporary or permanent re-homing if necessary. We are available throughout the life of the dog!

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We love rearing and training our dogs! We are also busy managing our flock of rare and traditional breeds of sheep. You are most welcome to visit us by prior arrangement! 

Seren Sheepdogs

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